I had completed Traversy Media’s ‘WordPress Theme With Bootstrap‘ project recently – I’d created a child theme and wanted to push further into the PHP to give me more control over site building in general.

Then WordPress dropped a complete game-changer.

The 5.9 ‘Full Site Editing’ era is a quiet revolution in web development.

All my sites are now based on the new 2022 Theme as the base template.

WP & More – heavily customised blog using a child of the new 2022 theme, and using self-hosted fonts. The content is about WordPress, the new block editor and getting the most out of it.

Cardano Foundry – Cryptocurrency News site

Harmonic Resonance Project – Music discography site with art and images.

I use Canva for design, along with my own photos.

Everything is hosted with Hostinger on their cPanel ‘Gold’ plan.

Naturally, I have my own approach to installing and setting up WP installs and plugins. For my general needs, I use the following free tools all the time.


Yoast plugin


LSCache plugin & Cloudflare / Quic.cloud account


All In One plugin


Koko Analytics plugin

Harmonic Resonance Logo

Harmonic Resonance

Music artist website with discography

Cardano Foundry Image

Cardano Foundry

News style cryptocurrency website

WP & More Image

WP & More

Blog covering 5.9 era WP & More